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25054: Duplas™ A3 Counter Mat
An enlarged version of our hard top promotional mouse mat with 3mm non-slip foam base....
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25058: A3 Counter Fusionmat™
The strong surface and large size make this A3 Counter Fusionmat™ highly resilient and ideal...
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min qty 500 Request price!
29083: Desk-Mate® Deskpad - Various Sizes
We offer a wide range of deskpads to suit all tastes and budgets. A series...
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min qty 100 from £0.12
29084: Logo-Mate® Pad - Various Sizes
With our promotional Logo-Mate® Pads your brand will stand out as the presonalised shape will...
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min qty 100 from £0.20
29086: Mouse-Mate® Pad
These Mouse-Mate® pads are designed to combine the benefits of a personal memo pad and...
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min qty 100 from £0.99
29087: Mini Mouse-Mate® Pad
A smaller version of one of our favourites: the Mouse-Mate® Pad. These branded Mouse-Mate® pads...
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min qty 100 from £0.51
29088: Waterproof Desk-Mate® Deskpad - Various Shapes
Waterproof paper you can write on! Our Waterproof Desk-Mate® deskpads can be used just as...
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min qty 100 from £0.68
29091: Twin-Mate™ Desk Pad - Various Sizes
We have combined two popular products, the Desk-Mate® range and the Sticky-Mate® range, for this...
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min qty 500 from £1.30
29093: Budget Deskpad - Various Sizes
A 'no frills pad' at a 'no frills price'. Our Budget Deskpad is the perfect...
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min qty 100 from £0.10
29094: Covers for Deskpads - Various Sizes
These 250gsm colourful covers will add an extra touch to your pad.

This option...
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min qty 250 Request price!
29095: Counter Mat - A3 or A4
Create an image on your counter that your customers will find hard to forget. Your...
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min qty 125 from £1.04
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